Post Treatment Advice

Massage and Holistic Treatments

Over the next 24-48 hours:
* Relax
* Drink plenty of water (for rehydration and aiding elimination of toxins)
* Have a light meal (your energy is needed for healing as well as digestion)
* Avoid stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and cigarettes
* Delay washing (this allows oils to be absorbed)
* Avoid sunlight including sunbeds (some essential oils are phototoxic)

After a massage or holistic treatment some clients may experience some symptoms of healing this may include:
* increased need to urinate
* headaches
* nausea
* diarrhoea
* emotional changes
* exisiting symptoms become worse

After a deep tissue massage the skin may be more red than after a more relaxing massage and the muscles may ache more. This is due to the massage working to deeper layers causing increased blood flow into specific areas and releasing more tension in troubled muscles.

Experiencing these symptoms is a positive sign that the body is going through a healing change, they should only last for 24-48 hours. If symptoms persist you should seek advice from a doctor as there may be an underlying cause.

Nail Treatments

* Be patient, allow plenty of time for polish to dry
* Regularly use a top coat to protect the polish form chipping
* Do not use nails as a tool
* Avoid biting and picking nails
* Protect your hands, feet and nails from environmental damage by applying lotion and wearing gloves
* regular manicure and pedicure will keep your hands, feet and nails in good condition

When you have had a Shellac nail treatment it is important not to pick at the polish as this can cause it to lift. If the polish is peeled away from the nail it can take a layer of your nail with it damaging the nail plate. It is important only to remove the polish through soaking with acetone, allowing the product to lift off the nail plate by itself. Some chemicals can cause the Shellac polish to lift prematurely from the nail so care should be taken by wearing gloves if applying, for example, insect repellent and sun creams.

Hair removal

For 24 hours after:
* Wash with cool or lukewarm water
* Avoid soap and any perfumed body lotions
* Do not go into the sun or sunbed, pool or sauna
* Do not apply fake tan
* Avoid any type of heat or other stimulating treatment including exercise
* Avoid any tight fitting clothing

After 24 hours:
* When the skin is calm begin regular exfoliation
* Attend regular waxing appointments so that the hair becomes finer and the follicle weaker

Facial Treatments

* Try to avoid wearing make up after to allow skin to benefit from products applied
* Stay out of the sun and avoid sun beds
* If massage is included follow massage after care


Contact Me About Post Treatment Advice

All bookings are by appointment. So to book or find out more about Post Treatment Advice please call me on 07734590324 or email [email protected].

You can check out the prices of all treatments here. You can pay by card, bank transfer or cash.

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