A fact sheet handout about the importance of water

A fact sheet handout about the importance of water

Why Drink Water?

* Your body is 60% water, every cell needs water to function

* Regulates body temperature

* Carries nutrients to cells

* Helps flush out waste

* Protects organs

* Lubricates joints

* Moistens tissues

* Helps us perform better mentally and physically

How to stay hydrated:

* Always carry a water bottle

* Drink at regular intervals

* Eat food such as watermelon, cucumber and citrus fruit

* Women need to aim for 2litres daily while men need 2.5litres

* Extra water is needed during pregnancy, exercise and periods of illness

* Elderly need extra encouragement to drink regularly as the thirst sensation decreases while medication increases need for water

What is dehydration?

* It is the loss of water from the body

* If you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated

* Urine should be clear or pale if you are hydrated

* Poor mood

* Less concentration

* Headaches

* Constipation

* Tiredness

Importance for children;

* Improves concentration and cognitive functioning

* Children’s bodies need more water in relation to their body size than adults

* Between 5-8 200ml glasses per day is average

* Children don’t usually know when they are thirsty so their caregiver must offer water regularly

* Children copy adults behaviour so if caregivers can model healthy drinking habits children will be encouraged

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